We start by reconciling monthly accounts, entering all credit card statements and receipts, and reviewing and tracking all the payments. We organize all paper documents into electronic format and provide a year-end organized paper filing copy. We then reconcile all monthly account statements and receipts to keep track of all financials so that your business’s books stay accurate and organized. At the end of the year, we provide digital copies for your convenience and provide year-end profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and any other financial reports or records your accountant needs. Lastly, we provide clients with a digital copy of all the receipts and records on a CD.


Managing a business can be time-consuming and difficult.  We organize or create new processes to organize your business’s operations to be more efficient. We can help by setting up or improve the process for anything administrative and leverage the learnings from our ten years of experience and clients. We can review vendor contracts, expenses, refer to payroll providers, and improve accounts payable and receivable processes.


From our experience, we have found many business owners overlook cash flow management, which is a crucial part of keeping businesses running smoothly, growing, and financially stable.  We can provide custom or specialized reports on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Cash flow management is more important than a bank balance or revenue growth, so we want to help ensure this is done correctly for your business.


We know inventory management is a specific need, not every clients’ needs, but we can add this to any bookkeeping client’s services. When requested, we can review your current inventory procedures, count inventory, and improve your company’s inventory management checks and balances.